The Heartless Game

London is the city of love…
but not when your heart is broken.

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The Heartless Game

The bass line pumping through the stereo was pulsating with the rhythm of my heart. The chill of the night air stung my cheeks; hit my exposed skin with a voracity that helped cool my scorching flesh. He was pressed up against me, blocking my airways so I couldn’t breathe … or was it that I didn’t want to? I was afraid that if I made a single move, it would all be over. It would have been a sad, irretrievable dream. I was afraid of him and the power that he wielded over me. At that moment, I was completely his. Yet we had only just met.

One minute we were standing by the bar, chatting. The next I was inside his car and he was inside of me. If only he knew how long I’d been waiting for him, watching him, craving his touch. I had contemplated this very moment over and over again, a thousand times in my mind. I was scared to look in his eyes; petrified of what I’d see. Would I see longing and desire? Or would I see pity; desperation?…

– Lola Allen

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Tamara Reynolds

A shy 24 year old, who is still discovering her identity and her sexuality. Her friends are her family, as she has a distant relationship with her blood relatives.


Marcia Ambrose

A bubbly, vivacious, in-your-face character, whose loud mouth and voracious sexual appetite become her undoing.



A close friend of Tamara's. They have known each other since their primary school days. She's potty-mouthed but loveable and sincere.



A handsome, intelligent, ambitious young man - Tamara's first love.


Ray J

A sexy, enigmatic, muscle-bound hunk - Tamara's second love.

A Story About


Three young women, working their way through life and love in the vibrant and cosmopolitan city of London. Partying, laughs and giggles galore. It's a girls' night out nearly every day of the week!


For protagonist Tamara, life is not all perfect. She is betrayed over and over by the people closest to her. Finally she resolves that, in order to stop herself from being trampled on, she must change a few things about herself.


Tamara moves from one boyfriend to another, all the time wondering if men can ever really be trusted. According to her friend Marcia, all men are dogs and playing is all that they are really good for. But Tamara is a romantic at heart; she will be hurt time and time again.

Lola Allen

Lola Allen is a poet, short story author, novelist, and budding playwright.

She has work published on Amazon: namely her satirical novella ‘Rhonda’s Revenge’, her debut novel, ‘The Heartless Game’ as well as her most recent addition, ‘Waiting in the Wings’ a sexy romance novella. Lola also has a selection of short stories, which are available on Amazon. She is currently working on her fourth novel. Her work has been described as having a unique, urban twist with humour and real characters that readers can relate to. She has also been praised for bringing to life the East London dialect in her writing.

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