Rhonda’s Revenge

Romance is not what it used to be. Things have taken a turn for the worse…
A story of heartache and pain, deceit and corruption, revenge and retribution…with some surprises along the way. When love turns sour, who knows what can happen?

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Rhonda’s Revenge

Some people deserve to be punished. This is what Rhonda Phillips says to herself after her husband has cheated on her for the third time in their marriage. After all, you can’t make someone love you, but you can damn well try. Rhonda Phillips would stop at nothing to hang on to her man…even if she has to resort to murder. After five years of being married to Joseph, it seems that the honeymoon period is over, but Rhonda would not have it that way…she would get what she wants, otherwise there’ll be hell to pay. Heaven forbid anyone who stands in her way.

The unsuspecting Joseph does not know what his ex-wife has in store for him, and it appears to be merely coincidental when, just days after marrying his new wife, his whole life begins to fall apart. It seems all hell has broken loose, and he does not know what to do, or who to turn to. But there is someone he can confide in, someone he has known for most of his life; he decides to turn to his ex-wife, who has always been a shoulder to cry on.

Rhonda has always been a firm believer in love, but from now on, she would no longer love with her heart. She would make Joseph love her again, even if it kills her.

– Lola Allen

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Rhonda Phillips

A newly married and romantic woman, who just wants to make her relationship with her husband work. She's a feisty and independent character, however when it comes to love, these attributes take a back seat. She would do anything for her man.


Joseph Phillips

A handsome man's man. He loves his wife, but is not always truthful to her. His feelings towards her change when a secret from his past comes to haunt him and his relationship. One he can't keep from his wife forever.



A young twenty-something office worker, pretty, flirtatious and full of life. She has her eye on Joseph and very soon, he has his eyes on her.



A traditional femme fatale, feminine, attractive and sexy with curves to die for. She can bag any man she wants and she bags Joseph. He is under her spell from the very first day that they meet.

A Story About


A new chapter in every couple's life. This is where life 'as one' truly begins, where couples give and take to accommodate each other's differences and live as a peaceful unit.


Only all is not what it seems. Joseph is keeping secrets from Rhonda, but what could they be? How will she find out what is troubling him?


Joseph's wandering eyes and hands soon land him in trouble; he is no longer able to hide his double life away from Rhonda. What will the resolution be?

Lola Allen

Lola Allen is a poet, short story author, novelist, and budding playwright.

She has work published on Amazon: namely her satirical novella ‘Rhonda’s Revenge’, her debut novel, ‘The Heartless Game’ as well as her most recent addition, ‘Waiting in the Wings’ a sexy romance novella. Lola also has a selection of short stories, which are available on Amazon. She is currently working on her fourth novel. Her work has been described as having a unique, urban twist with humour and real characters that readers can relate to. She has also been praised for bringing to life the East London dialect in her writing.

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