Waiting in the Wings

He brings light into her world of darkness…and then he disappears….leaving her miserable. Will he ever belong to her?


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Waiting in the Wings

Waiting in the Wings

Ayeesha’s ten year friendship with Marcus has only helped to heighten the feelings that she has for him. Feelings that he does not know about and cannot reciprocate. So many times in Ayeesha’s life, Marcus has been her constant. Her knight in shining armour; coming to her rescue and sweeping her off her feet. Marcus made sure that everything was ok. As long as Ayeesha had Marcus in her life, she’d be fine…but evil forces are tearing them apart. Well, one woman is anyway: Michelle. If only he knew that all she wanted; all she’s ever needed was his love. Bitter jealousy tears at Ayeesha’s heart anytime that she sees Marcus with another woman, but does she even have the right to feel this way?

There’s a fine line between love and friendship and once this is blurred, things can never be the same. Will Ayeesha be willing to sacrifice her friendship to appease her heart?

Scribbled in her year 11 school diary, over a decade ago are the words: Marcus and Ayeesha forever XXX. Her feelings for him haven’t changed. Have his for her?

– Lola Allen

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The protagonist of the story. A lovesick, lovelorn woman pining for the affections of a man who’ll never be hers…her best friend Marcus. They have so much history together; they could be the perfect match. Only she’s not his type.



Marcus – Ayeesha’s best friend for ten years; he has a thing for white women, and sees Ayeesha as his closest friend…like the sister he never had. He’s oblivious to Ayeesha’s feelings for him, as he confides in her about the ladies in his life. He’s about to get serious with his new girlfriend Michelle. They’ll be taking their relationship to the next level. Where would this leave Ayeesha?



Marcus’ new love interest; ‘posh’, blonde haired and blue eyed, she is everything Ayeesha is not. Highflying, well-connected with plenty of money to throw around. She seems to be an ‘upgrade’ for Marcus – a man who is desperate to leave behind his ghetto roots…or so it seems.



Ayeesha’s close friend and confidante. She is not convinced that Ayeesha’s feelings for Marcus will ever amount to anything, and tries to persuade her to move on and find a man who truly deserves her and reciprocates her feelings…mostly to no avail.

A Story About


Ayeesha spends all her time day-dreaming and fantasising about Marcus; the things she would like to do to him, what she would do to make him hers. It seems she only has any ownership over him when she’s alone in the night, and darkness is her only companion. Try as she might, Marcus would go his own way…mostly without her.

Friendship and love

This line becomes very blurred with the relationship between Ayeesha and Marcus. Marcus is Ayeesha’s whole world, only he can’t see that. He has his eye on another woman. As far as he’s concerned, they’re just friends…always have been.


Seemingly overnight, Ayeesha changes from a ‘sensible girl’ to a sex-crazed fiend. She needs to fill the void in her heart somehow…as well as the void in her bed. She’s been celibate for close to six months and her body is screaming for passion. Besides, if she can’t have Marcus, why let herself go to waste? Perhaps this way, he would finally come to realise what he’s missing. What he’s been missing all his life. A girl can hope, can’t she?

Lola Allen

Lola Allen is a poet, short story author, novelist, and budding playwright.

She has work published on Amazon: namely her satirical novella ‘Rhonda’s Revenge’, her debut novel, ‘The Heartless Game’ as well as her most recent addition, ‘Waiting in the Wings’ a sexy romance novella. Lola also has a selection of short stories, which are available on Amazon. She is currently working on her fourth novel. Her work has been described as having a unique, urban twist with humour and real characters that readers can relate to. She has also been praised for bringing to life the East London dialect in her writing.

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